Evan Koehne is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker specializing in high quality video production with a fun, eclectic flair.


A Norcal Kid in Lala Land

Ever since I was seven years old, I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. I devoured movies and learned about them constantly, dissecting and analyzing all the details about story, cinematography, and editing. From fourth grade into college, I was constantly drawing, filming and editing short films. I knew this was my calling. 

I came out to Los Angeles to pursue that dream. As an introverted kid from Northern California, coming into close contact with the fast-paced world of movie production was overwhelming to me at first. I struggled for a long time to find where I fit in. The biggest challenge for me was building up the courage to say something meaningful in my own work, to express something true and honest. But I challenged myself to keep making films and videos. I’m proud to say, the hard work has paid off.

As artists, filmmakers and story-tellers, I believe it’s not just our right to express ourselves – it’s our duty. When we take on the responsibility of expressing ourselves, we play an important role in shaping humanity, and we give others like us the courage to find their own voices as well. What I want young story-tellers to know, or any creative people struggling to find their voice, is that everyone deserves to have their story told – and even the quiet ones deserve to be heard.